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I made an OFF OC quiz :D for some reason I can't post it as a literature. anyway, here's the quiz~ use this for your OFF OC as many times as you'd like.

OFF OC quiz


1. Greetings and salutations. What is your name, dear puppet?


2. Interesting. Since you are a puppet, you must have a puppeteer. What is the name of your puppeteer?


3. What are you?


4. Describe your outfit to me.


5. What Zone are you from?


6. There has to be Specters in your Zone. What do you use to defend yourself?


7. It’s time to purify the Specters. What are your moves?


8. How much HP do you have? CP?


9. Do you have any Add-Ons? How many and what are they called?


10. Is there a Guardian in your Zone? If so, what is his/her name?


11. Every Zone has an element. What is the element of your Zone?


12. What are the Elsen in your Zone afraid of?


13. Now, time to role-play. You are facing 4 Upside-Down Specters and a Von Gacy. You only have a limited amount of moves to use. What do you use? Choose wisely.


14. There’s a discount in Zacharie’s shop. Which would you buy first, Offensive equipment or Defensive equipment?


15. Would you like a snackarie? It’s delicious.


16. You are facing The Batter in battle. Can you defeat him? How will you defeat the purifier?


17. The Batter has gone Bad. What is your next move?


18. Time to meet The Judge. Will you engage him in battle or talk to him?


19. Enough role-playing. Time to get personal. How tall are you? How much do you weigh?


20. What is your theme song? You have to have at least one.


21. Have you encountered any of the past Guardians? Who gives you the most trouble?


22. What is your gender?


23. Do you have a Bad form?


24. Please donate your sugar to the Elsen of Zone 3. They need it…


25. What is your favorite Zone?


26. What do you do for fun?


27. Do you have a favorite food? If not, what do you like to eat?


28. Do you truly believe that what you are doing is the right thing?


29. I am now speaking to your puppeteer. Who is your favorite OFF character? Care to explain?


30. Who is your least favorite OFF character, dear puppeteer?


31. Now back to the puppet, what is the color of the Zone you reside in?


32. What is the color of your eyes?


33. Do you got da credits?


34. Prepare to be purified.


35. Who got da booty, Batter or Zacharie?


36. Would you purify your puppeteer if you had to?


37. The switch is now OFF. Now go slap Dedan.

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United States
some things I am a fan of




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trying to get points for commissions that will also be gifts for my friends.

also from my point adoptables

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and hello from Chile!!
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